Burrowing Owl Conservation Network is now Urban Bird Foundation. Our new vision is “Birds. People. Communities. A better, sustainable living for all.” However, our mission to protect burrowing owls remains constant. In fact, we have expanded our mission to better reflect the work and direction we must take to ensure burrowing owls, other birds and wildlife have a place in our communities.


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    What is a burrowing owl?

    Alan Wilson owl familyBurrowing owls are small owls that live in dry, open areas where grasslands, rangelands, agricultural lands, deserts and scrublands are found. These small owls are less than 12 inches tall, have long legs and a short tail, are mostly brown with numerous white or tan spots, and have white eyebrows just above bright yellow eyes. As their name implies, burrowing owls actually make their homes underground. As opposed to the Florida Burrowing Owl that may dig their own burrows, Western Burrowing owls rely on the abandoned burrows of mammals like ground squirrels, prairie dogs, badgers, coyotes, and foxes. Learn More

    Our Work

    habitat restoration and artifical burrowCONSERVATION

    Burrowing Owl Conservation Network actively works to re-establish, preserve and aid in the rehabilitation of burrowing owl colonies through the protection and maintenance of habitat, ground digging mammals and ecosystems.



    wildlife meetingEMPOWERING COMMUNITIES

    Garnering and enhancing protections for burrowing owls and other wildlife by working with federal, state and local officials and agencies — proposing long-term solutions based on the latest science, research and wildlife conservation methods.



    western burrowing owlINFLUENCING POLICY

    Advocating and proposing legislation and policy change to foster updated, clarified and augmented conservation guidelines to biologists, planners, land managers, and agencies for the benefit of burrowing owls across North America.


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    • For conservation to last, we NEED to restore our connection and accessibility to birds and open space in urban communities.

      Scott Artis | Urban Bird Foundation
    • Breeding owls have been eliminated from a quarter of their former range in California over the past two decades as their habitat has been destroyed and they’ve been shoved aside for urban development.

      Jeff Miller | Center for Biological Diversity
    • Concerted conservation actions are needed to maintain viable burrowing owl populations in California and to help prevent the need to list this species under the state or federal endangered species acts.

      California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife | 2008

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