WILSON_A_2007Are you witnessing activities that that are jeopardizing burrowing owl colonies, have concerns for, or have information pertaining to the immediate safety of burrowing owls? Burrowing Owl Conservation Network strongly encourages you to:

    1) Contact your state wildlife agency and/or your regional U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office. As the firsthand witness, the information you can provide to wildlife enforcement officials is valuable and crucial to burrowing owl conservation.

    2) Call or email Burrowing Owl Conservation Network and provide as many details (including specific location) as possible.

    Because of the large volume of requests, calls, and emails we receive each day, our staff is only able to respond right away to situations of immediate concern. All other inquiries and sighting reports will be recorded and, if necessary, followed up within 5 days.

    Burrowing Owl Conservation Network greatly appreciates your assistance in protecting this incredible species.


    California Department of Fish and Wildlife
    Cal-TIP Website
    Cal-TIP Phone: 1.888.334.2258

    U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    Office of Law Enforcement – Regional Law Enforcement Offices

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