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We need you to help burrowing owls! Helping burrowing owls is a much needed endeavor, is something in which all can participate and has never been easier. Sending letters, educating friends and family, and reporting burrowing owl encounters are just a few of the many ways you can relay your support to decisions makers at the local, state and federal levels.

So take action today and help burrowing owls!

Help Burrowing OwlsSPREAD THE WORD

Would you believe that many people have never even seen a Burrowing Owl. It’s true and that makes it very difficult to protect a species when people are simply unaware of their presence in a neighborhood or city. Because Burrowing Owl Conservation Network cannot be everywhere at once, we want you to become an owl advocate and help us spread the word. Take time to check out our website and online resources. We have brochures, recommended reading lists, links to articles and much more just waiting to be explored on our Resources page.

By learning about Burrowing Owls and conservation, you can make a difference for this incredible species. And don’t forget, our staff is always willing to answer questions and provide assistance so please let us know how we can help you become an owl enthusiast.


1. Organize a burrowing owl event in your city. Please contact us to see if a member of the Burrowing Owl Conservation Network can deliver a presentation or speak to your group.

2. Attend city Planning Commission meetings regarding new developments and upcoming projects that may affect burrowing owls. Ask to be added to your city’s email list for City Council and Planning Commission meeting agendas. And contact Burrowing Owl Conservation Network for assistance. We have extensive experience in working with local governments and cities on these matters.

3. Write a guest column for the local paper or letter to the editor on the importance of burrowing owls to our ecosystems.

4. Distribute Burrowing Owl Conservation Network materials at your community event.

5. Monitor local open spaces and empty lots for burrowing owls.  Report your sightings here.

6. Participate in the Christmas Bird Count and Great Backyard Bird Count.

7. Ask questions. Burrowing Owl Conservation Network is here to help!


By supporting Burrowing Owl Conservation Network’s projects you are making an incredible difference for burrowing owl in California, the United States, and North America. Your support enables us to continue important work in communities just like yours; construction of artificial burrows, establishing burrowing owl preserves, educational outreach programs and advocacy campaigns that will reverse a declining population trend. Here are a few ways to help burrowing owls:

1. Make a donation!

2. Sign Up for Emails and our Newsletter

3. Join our Social Network

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